Air Relief Valve

Miniature Series: MRV
SERVICE : Compressed Air/ Gas & Liquids
Sizes: 6 mm (G1/4")
Flow: up to 19 SCFM @ 7 kg/cm2g
Diaphragm operated for sensitivity
Gradual proportional relief

Airmatic introduces miniature air relief valve utilizing the latest technologies and technique :

Standard unit for air and non corrosive gases has aluminium body and acetal resin bonnet. For applications with water, unit can be furnished with St. Steel 304 / St. Steel 316 body and seat.

Spec Sheet (PDF)  
Auto Drain Traps

Auto Drain Traps -D-10 / D-11 Series
SERVICE : Compressed Air
Size: 15 mm (G1/2")
Automatically expels condensed moisture and oil carryover liquid

For maximum effect, the unit should be installed at the end of the drop leg or at the bottom of a receiver, accumulator, after cooler tank or indeed, anywhere in your compressed air systems where liquid accumulate. In-situ at the bottom of a drop leg, liquids drain into the auto drain and as the liquid level rises, the float is raised, actuating the pilot operated discharge valve. Air pressure at the bowl then expels the contents rapidly. An additional feature is the provision of a manual override, to allow drainage of partially filled bowl.

Spec Sheet (PDF)  
Blow Guns

Air Saver Safety Blow Gun - 100A
SERVICE : Compressed Air
Size: 6 mm (G1/4")
High Velocity
Compact & slim Designs
Heavy Duty Body
Varieties of Nozzles available
e with / without coil hose

Airmatic air saver safety guns automatically supply low pressure air with high volume to safely and effectively for cleaning or drying work in process, blowing scrap, dirt, oil from dies or to blow dust or chips from work tables faster and easier. Also these are used in automobile service equipment for cleaning dust and spraying etc. From hard to reach, normally inaccessible points.

Spec Sheet (PDF)  
Quick Fittings
  • Quick Fittings
  • One Touch Fitting
  • SERVICE : Air / Water / Vacuum
  • Size: M5 to 15 mm (M5 to G1/2")
  • W. Pressure Range - 1-10 kg/cm2g
  • W. Temp Range - 5-60 degree C
  • Material - Polyurethane
  • Type - Two way, Three way, Multiway Hand Valves & Speed Controllers
Spec Sheet (PDF)  
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